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Top Tips to Impress Your Potential Buyers

Posted on Wed 17 Jun 2020 by Anu Joshi
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It is no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has hit the property market significantly. The property market has always been one of the first industries to collapse but one that always bounces back.

The property market can now start to rebuild itself. Amazing!

The latest information predicts that house prices will fall by only 3% and will rebound next year, according to global consultancy Knight Frank. This will see people holding onto their properties until house prices start to increase again.


If you are considering selling your property over the next twelve months, our advice would be to have your property valued now, and again when you put your property on the market.

We are more than happy to value your property, in person, of course keeping to all COVID-19 safety measures, or for your convenience you can try our online valuation tool. It will give you a brief idea of what your property is worth according to the postcode.

Let this be a research exercise for you, so that when you do decide to sell you can smile knowing you sold at the best price possible.

Top Tips

Prepare your home to impress your potential buyers:

  1. Declutter – Minimise what you have on show. Less is More. Let the prospective buyer see space, they will start to plan in their heads how they will use it.
  2. Exterior – First impressions are so important. People judge books by their covers. The front of your home is the start of the buyer’s sales journey. Don’t let the sale fall flat by neglecting the front or back of your house.
  3. Interior – Everyone’s taste is different. The buyer may not have the same taste in furniture as you but, it is important to make sure what you have in your home is clean and tidy. A buyer needs to see a fresh clean home, so that they can envision their life at the house.
  4.  Lightning – If your potential buyer is viewing your property on a dull damp day, help them feel welcomed by leaving the lights on around the house, so they can see each room clearly.
  5. Windowsills – Make sure that they are clean. Viewers are more than likely to look outside and will inspect the frame checking for any mould or damp.
  6. Smells – Ensure your home smells clean and fresh. There is nothing worse than entering a home where you can smell the bin, the bathroom, or pets. Light a candle in the hall or living area and one on the landing or in the bathroom.
  7. Pets  –  We know you love your pets; they make your family complete. But they can be off putting to a potential buyer, especially dogs as some people have a fear of them. Place your dog in a safe place, do not let them disrupt the buyer process.


If you would like a valuation, or you would like to start the sale process we want to hear from you, please call us on 01902 244 200 or you can email us on